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  Vision / Strategy

Our vision
Swiss Golf Invest focusses on clear trends and developments. Golf, Holiday, Wellness are fields with growth potential. We create durable value by realising the golfcourse "Gold of Zante" Premium with an integrated residence and are in the position to satisfy the future demands.
We put all our efforts for "Gold of Zante" to become a brand that stands for quality and enjoyment in the entire mediterranean region.

Our strategy
There is always time for leasure. The fact that in the year 2010, over 45% of the central european population will be over 50 years of age indicates a shift of people's demands towards spending holidays as a complete experience. The trends of the 21st century are Hedonism, Narzism and Egoism. We take these developments into account by creating the offer "Gold of Zante".


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