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  Risk analysis

External risks
Politically, the country Greece is very stabil (unlike the direct competitor Turkey that may be involved in future unrests). However, there is always a certain probability for strikes in the mediterranean region. We estimate the negative influences of such occasional strikes for the "Gold of Zante" project at a very low level.

Low to medium intense earthquake are common in the region. A fact that people have learned to live with and our architects will consider when designing the buildings.

Internal risks
The members of the management and all further involved persons are experienced in their respective fields and are fully commited to the project. Indiviual business units will be operated as profit centers. Utmost care will be taken at the selection of the employees. There are numerous highly qualified staff available in Zakynthos. The gastronomy will be under Swiss management.
One board member of Swiss Golf Invest will permanently be on the island to supervise the activities and take influence in the best interest of the company.


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