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Market introduction
Te market introduction and awareness of the golfpark "Golf of Zante" Premium as well as the marketing of the "Golf of Zante" residence will be through internet. We are looking for cooperations with tour operators in the most important countries in Europe, Americas and Asia.

All relevant companies involved in golf and gastronomy will be contacted to discuss licences and sales chances. The first personel meetings and negotiations with potential partners are taking place long before the golfpark is in operation.

Sales policy
We will try to sell the T-time capacity internationally to realise the economically necessary minimum of business. The capacity will be sold in quotas.

There will be one tour operator per country on an exclusive basis that has the opportunity to offer the "Golf of Zante" services to the clientele.

On the island Zakynthos, we will install an online booking software and offer it to selected hotels. This allows the hotels to present this unique experience in their international marketing activities. Through this software tool, the hotels will be in the position to book the T-time for their guests at any time wanted.

Working together with Golf Professionals, we will offer packages consisting of teaching and playing. These packages will be sold in the same way through tour operators on exclusive basis and in quotas.


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