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  The Company Swiss Golf Invest

Swiss Golf Invest (SGI) is a cooperation of businessmen, marketing specialists and golf enthusiasts who analyse the current and future chances in the field of golftourisme. SGI evaluates and realises potentially successful golf projects.

The project "Gold of Zante" Premium was choosen and persued as a result of the studies and future trends. SGI has excellent contacts to authorities and businessmen who have a natural interest in this project on the island Zakynthos.
After several years of evaluation and negotiations, these contacts lead to an agreement to purchase a piece of land of 525'000 m2 in size which the 18 hole golfcourse "Gold of Zante" Premium will be built on. The land is located at the seeside including a long stretch of sandy beach.

At present, there are only 4 golfcourses in the entire country Greece. Considerig the trends and the number of tourists visiting this country, this golfcourse has vast potential with various possibilities to achieve a high return of the investment.


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