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The financial concept is split into three parts:

Purchase of the ground
Construction of the golfcourse "Gold of Zante" Premium
Construction of the "Gold of Zante" Residence

At the purchasing of the ground, there are still further negotiations with the current owner needed to achieve the best and most suitable results for us.

Golfcourse "Gold of Zante" Premium
As soon as the purchase of the ground is settled, we will start the detail planning of the golfcourse and thereafter the construction.

"Gold of Zante" Residence
The entire project "Gold of Zante" can be reached within 15 minutes from the airport of Zankynthos. The residence will consist of 55 houses integrated into the goldfpark. There will be three types of luxury houses with different prices.

» You find more details under the button Residence

Return of the investment
Next to the major return from the golfcourse, the golf academy and the shop, there will be additional profits generated through:

the restaurant
the bar
the dancing and amphitheatre
the golf specials (early morning and twilight)
the car rental
the incentives (March, April, November)
the cooperation with local providers of sport activities (watersports, biking, horseback riding..)


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